3,500 miles on a LiveWire

Felix Stellmaszek was born and raised in Germany, and has had his motorcycle license since his early 20s.  Felix owned and rode many different makes and models and it wasn’t until he saw the H-D LiveWire motorcycle in New York in mid-2019 that he knew he had to have it.

When the pandemic began in March, Felix thought it would be the perfect opportunity to purchase a LiveWire motorcycle as he would have lots of opportunities to enjoy riding it, while abiding by social distancing guidelines.

Three months after purchasing his LiveWire, Felix chose to embark on what he called an “evolving adventure.”

“We were moving from Atlanta to either L.A. or San Francisco. I had to pick which one, and I had to get the LiveWire there somehow. So, my plan became to ride all the way there, see what the bike could do, choose where I would live, and then have my family come,” Felix said.

What Felix didn’t realize was the adventure and “vivid memories” he would create along the way.

To hear Felix candidly recap his 15-day journey in a Q&A format, click here.