2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S 1250 First Look

2021 Harley-Davidson Sportster S 1250 First Look


  • -Revolution® Max 1250T Powertrain  

  • -94 ft. lbs. Torque  

  • -121 Horsepower  

  • -Weight (As Shipped/Running Order): 486/502 pounds  

  • -4-inch Round TFT Display Screen  

  • -Bluetooth® Connectivity and Moving Maps Navigation  

  • -Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements including ABS and Traction Control 

  • -Selectable and Customizable Ride Modes  

  • -All LED Lighting Adjustable Performance Suspension  

  • -Cruise Control

  • All Standard

If that list doesn't excite you, what will?

"The next chapter in a century of legendary V-Twins is here. Revolution Max is a liquid-cooled powertrain with double overhead camshafts and variable valve timing: offering ample torque and an immediate powerband tuned to maximize rider control. 


Inspired by the glory days of H-D flat-track racing, the pipes are crafted from corrosion-resistant 304-series stainless steel and engineered to deflect exhaust heat away from the rider’s legs and tail section. 


Everything you need to know is housed in a Bluetooth-equipped, 4” round thin-film transistor LCD display: digital gauges, indicators, ride modes, and turn-by-turn navigation with the Harley-Davidson app. All functions are accessed via buttons on the left- and right-hand controls. 


Flick a switch and choose from 3 pre-programmed Ride Modes (Sport, Road, and Rain) or create your own custom mode — tuning your bike with a specific combination of power delivery, engine braking, Cornering Enhanced Antilock Braking System (C-ABS) and Cornering Enhanced Traction Control System (C-TCS) settings.  


The Revolution Max 1250T is a structural component of the motorcycle chassis, eliminating a traditional frame — which significantly reduces overall weight and keeps handling precise. This is performance you can feel, with the center of gravity low and the chassis super rigid."

This thing is packed full of features. Be on the lookout for our in-depth test ride review as soon as we get our hands on one. They should be in stores by the end of August.